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Opal the October birthstone is most commonly found in Australia. The importance of Australia as a source for opal gems is evident by the fact that, Australia is often referred to as the Opal Country. Opals are fascinating gems, the color flashes and color play on opals impress all gem and jewelry lovers. Opals contain a small amount of moisture, this is responsibe for some of the beauty of the gemstone. There is an interesting orange or yellowish orange variety of opal which is known as fire opal. The most popular source for fire opal gemstones is Mexico. Fire opal gems can have high degrees of transparency, something which is not very common with opal gemstones.

In recent years, Africa and more importantly Ethopia (in the African continent) has become a source for what are popularly known as Ethopian opals. An interesting thing about Ethopian opal gemstone is that, they can lose (temporarily) their base color when soaked in water. The good news is that, these opals gain back their original beauty and color once they dry up. A lovely pastel pink opal is mined in Peru, these gems do not show color flashes or color play but, have a serene beauty of their own.

At Directstones we procure all types of opal gems directly from the mining locations. The gems are then custom cut to your specifications. You can purchase loose opal gemstones or request for a complete jewel to be custom made. Our support team at will be glad to provide you with any information that you need related to gems and jewelry. We have no minimum order stipulations in terms of volume or value, even single piece gem stone or jewelry orders are welcome.


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